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"My mother has lived in Flagler Beach, Florida, for almost 30 years. She and my father enjoyed a long and happy retirement just a few blocks from the ocean. Now my father is deceased and my mother is elderly, has dementia, and is in assisted care. As my mother's P.O.A. and guardian while living 1200 miles from Flagler Beach, I worried about how I could care for Mom. She and Dad never wanted to move back north.


The answer for me was Robert Reese, professional licensed guardian and personal care manager. Bob makes sure Mom makes it to all her appointments, takes her for drives and ice cream cones next to the ocean, and checks to make sure she is well cared for. He is compassionate about her dementia and often anticipates problems before they occur. He is wonderful with Mom, encouraging her in positive ways. He communicates openly and often with me. Bob works closely with Mom's doctors and care facility and my family. He also works within the Charles Helm Group, with an attorney and financial planner. Bob is also a real estate agent and helped us to sell Mom's house. My brothers and I visit Mom often, but are at ease knowing that Bob is there when we are not.


I trust Bob with my beloved mother, and would recommend him wholeheartedly to others as a personal care manager for their loved ones."

Rebecca S.


"As the court-appointed legal guardian for my mother, Bob has done an exceptional job. Guardianship was necessary due to my long distance from Florida. Bob has gone out of his way to shorten that distance through his diligent efforts to take care of my mother's affairs and through his excellent communications skills. He has been forthright and clear in his communications with me, responsive to questions and concerns I have raised with him about my mother's medical care, and personable and friendly throughout. He has conveyed a sense of decency, honesty, and compassion throughout his involvement with my mother. He functions in strict compliance with the law, and on several occasions has clearly explained what the law requires and how his actions are consistent with the law and with court orders. I am extremely grateful he was recommended to me at the time the guardianship became necessary".



"You saved my Dad's life."

C. L-H.


"THANK-YOU!! It is so wonderful to have someone like you there who really CARES for the people you are helping out; and in this case it is my Mother. I can't tell you enough what a relief it is to have you there helping her. I know this will be a great improvement in the quality of Mom's life. Besides, I completely trust your judgment as you are right there on the scene.

Jeff S.


"From the bottom of my heart, no one could have done a better job."

Sheryl F.


"Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! You were my sanity saver and I would not have been able to get through this awful time without you."

Rose V.



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